C o l o s s a l

Built on Military
Core Values

Colossal Contracting is a full-service wide
and local area network company.

We offer network design and installation, custom hardware and software design, and integration services. Fully utilizing our staff’s education, training, certifications, experience, and skills, we create technology designs and implementation plans for our customers. This combination of education, expertise, and experience allows for designs which truly meet our clients’ individualized needs.

The mission of Colossal Contracting is to create and deploy networks to maximize our customers’ performance, flexibility, protection, and growth. Through practices such as refresh, consolidation, virtualization, and standardization, Colossal can unify your network infrastructure and create the platform to meet your current and future operation requirements.


  • Assess and deliver technology refresh plans
  • Deliver an optimized network
  • Activate nearly seamless implementation
  • Maximize performance of your network environment
  • Facilitate network integration for data center networks
  • Implement complex upgrades, expansions, and consolidations

Data Center

Our data center practices are purpose-built with extensive support systems for resiliency and efficiency to provide dependable and cost-effective services. As a company founded on military core principles, we ensure that your information technology assets are always kept safe and secure. With trained specialists and detailed processes, we support your business goals though innovation and vigilant analysis of your data center’s current and future mandates. We provide data center optimization services, which unite networks, computational data, storage access and cloud virtualization technologies. Our optimization services deliver a cost reducing, high output, and collaborative environment for our customers’ missions.


Colossal has designed and implemented Power/Cooling solutions for data centers in an array of government and commercial locations.  Utilizing industry leading manufacturers, our team of professionals optimize airflow through network racks/cabinets by eliminating bypass air and helping ensure proper cable management.  Our designs and implementations separate hot and cold air which ultimately yields a cost-effective and energy efficient solution for eliminating hot spots and cutting capital expenses of adding more cooling units. In all of our designs, we are dedicated to methods which will maximize both budget and time for our clients.


  • Data Center Design
  • Data Center Design- build Services
  • Data Center: Switching, Storage, Applications
  • HOT/Cold Aisle Containment
  • Custom Cold Aisle Containment Systems
  • Data Center Cabling Services


Over the past decade, Colossal Contracting has been a trusted partner of the Federal Government sector. Founded by a former military communications expert, security is naturally engraved into all aspects of Colossal.  Our staff is certified in an array of security products and processes, which deliver high-performance network security platforms for our clients.  The platforms provide a vigilant cyber presence that is not only currently secure, but also collects and logs data to prevent future attacks.  Once potential threats are identified, the platforms possess the ability to repair any damage created by the attack in real time.  Cyber and overall security is no longer an impossibility, but a truly lasting reality.  In the words of Colossal Contracting’s CEO Anthony Closson, “Security is not just something; it’s everything!” Since security is of the utmost importance, entrust your company to our skilled and experienced security professionals.

HSPD 12 Compliance

Colossal is proud to be supporting government agencies across the country by designing and implementing security solutions for the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) which sets the policy for a common, reliable, and secure identification standard for federal employees and contractors.  In February of 2011, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued memorandum M-11-11 which mandates each agency to develop and issue an implementation policy requiring the use of Personal Identity Verification (PIV). The memorandum specifies that PIV credentials are used as the common means of authentication for access to that agency’s facilities, networks, and information systems. In addition, this requirement ensures the full benefit of a government-wide public key infrastructure using interoperable PIV credentials.


  • Network Security Platforms
  • Security Data Analytics Tools
  • Network Security & Access Policy
  • FIPS 201-2 Compliance
  • HSPD 12 – Compliance
  • Electronic Physical Security

Professional Services

Throughout the years of working with diverse clients, our IT professionals have become accustomed to supporting our customers’ dynamic and unique requirements.  We recognize and understand the challenges our customers face to meet their goals.  Our personalized solutions minimize risk and ensure readiness to meet our customers’ objectives. Our contract vehicles and proven performance record enable us to support clients such as: USAF, NAVY, ANG, SOCOM, HHS, and IHS.



The convergence of telephone and video has created a collaboration made possible by a shared IP platform. This collaboration has sparked a communications explosion of possibilities on a global scale.  Fully accounting for the value of collaborative technologies, Colossal Contracting purposefully designs, implements, and manages solutions for both government and commercial customers.  By crafting personalized collaborative solutions for our customers, we are boosting their operable performance levels and driving down operation costs for travel.  In the beginning, our engineers will assess your mission’s needs, communications infrastructure, current challenges, business processes, and overall goals.  Following the assessment, our engineers will design a collaborative solution to boost your mission’s productivity, mobility, and overall synergy.  Once the solution is approved, our team of professionals will implement the personalized plan. Through our proven phase approach, our customers’ goals are met and exceeded within the promised schedule and budget.


  • IP Video & Telephony
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine
  • Fax Over IP
  •  Borderless and Context-Aware Mobility
  •  Wireless
  • Video Conferencing
  • TelePresence
  • Cisco MeetingPlace
  • WebEx
  •  Unified Messaging
  •  Virtualization

Healthcare IT

Colossal Contracting is committed to helping healthcare organizations across the private and public sectors meet their ever-evolving IT needs and security parameters.  We understand our healthcare clients have the important job of protecting their patients’ health and information. Colossal has built complex multi-platform IT solutions for over fifty hospitals and clinics across the US. Our vast experience and understanding of healthcare operations enables our team of professionals to custom build IT solutions to improve hospital and clinic operations such as Patient Records Management, Patient Work Flow, Emergency Response, Clinical Assessments, Patient Monitoring, etc.

Telemedicine/Telehealth: We are also honored to partner with telemedicine programs across the United States. These programs utilize cutting-edge technology to connect health care providers and patients in rural geographically separated areas for remote health support for emergency healthcare, clinical appointments, as well as some nonclinical services.   Telehealth/ Telemedicine saves lives that might otherwise be lost. Rapidly gaining acceptance both here and abroad, telemedicine puts the expertise of medical specialists within easy reach of the patients with one push of the button. Our personalized IT services help make these telemedicine efforts successful. Not only is it gratifying to have satisfied clients in the medical field, but we are glad to be part of a venture which betters the lives of patients throughout our country.


  • Telemedicine/Telehealth
  • Nurse Call Design/Installation
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Medical Mobility
  • Real-time locating systems (RTLS)
  • Patient Work Flow
  • Operational Intelligence Reporting


  • Network Support

  • AV/VTC Collaboration Support

  • Telecommunications

  • Help Desk/Service Desk Management

  • Desk-Side Support Managed Services

  • Asset Management

  • Server/System Support

  • Application Maintenance

  • Software License Management

  • Mobile Device/ Wireless Support

  • Data Center Operation

  • Disaster Recovery Training